All Three Times At Once

All Three Times at Once. Room installation of painted wood, pillowcases, mascara, graphite and pastel on durlar, ink and graphite on paper. 2013


All Three Times at Once incorporates my own dreams, interpretations, thoughts, theories, and drawings into a contemplation of voluntary and involuntary perceptions combined with the emerging emotions and realizations taking shape within me. I find dreams tend to overlap and weave new material from the past, present, and future, fusing them into a single moment. It is here that the line between the conscious and the unconscious begins to blur, leaving us to wonder what is “real”.

Journaling is a vital part of my mental processing, turning my experiences and emotions into an archive of memories. If you sift through this collection, you will uncover traces of my dreams in my effort to connect them together. These dreams are often realistic and can fool my memory, reflect feelings I was unaware of (or unaware of the potency), expose my hopes, fears and doubts, or speak wisdom and insight into my own confusion.