What If The Stars

What if the stars

had faces

and looked down upon us

singing out our story

watching us move, in awe

wanting to shine to reflect

what they see in our eyes

staring back,

a silent affirmation

to remind us :

“Don’t forget who you are,

who made you.

You are special,

you’re safe in the darkness,

and there will always be

someone who

you matter to. “

Fears in Solitude

Am I cared for

am I known

will you find me

will it end

will it begin

will you understand

will I lay on your chest

one more time

will I feel

your heartbeat

will I have to leave

one more time?

I don’t think I could.

Will you find me


will I keep speaking

to a ghost

and laugh at my own jokes?

no one will ever know

I was funny




Will I get another chance

to say


The Deep Well

Up the mountain

between the trees

falling leaves

slowly unveiling

the first dawn.

A light that