How ironic

How the right thing

In the wrong time

Can be the wrong thing,

And the wrong thing

Always comes

At the right time, right

When I think

I need it

How things that taste good

Sometimes just make you



How much joy can be found

in the smells of the air

the forest at dawn

the ocean at dusk

pine from the fire

from a house being built

didn’t you forget for a moment

all your worries?

A Chance

Every place

I am able to venture to alone

is a chance

to find you with me

have you show me something.

The fear of sadness, of silence

do not end up being found;

Instead I feel stronger



and I hear more

of your true sound


I continue to learn

that the more you step out

the less scary

the world really is;

with faith that your reality

can change.